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About Our Wood Countertops Not About Us

People who contact EnGRAIN Wood Tops are interested in a beautiful wood countertop at a reasonable cost. They appreciate prompt and knowledgeable customer service. They don’t care much about our family history or what we do in our spare time. Instead, EnGRAIN customers want to know that the investment they make in their wood countertops and butcher block tops will be honored by a commitment to using the best material and the finest craftsmanship to create what will become the centerpiece of their kitchen. We, in turn, respect their interest in us by providing prompt quotes and going the extra mile to help with design questions, explanations of the options available and anything our valued customers need.

What We Offer

EnGRAIN produces American made solid hardwood countertops in a 100% custom shop. If you need an unusual shape or adaptation, we have the latest technology and experienced, dedicated craftsman to make your vision a reality. We embrace the challenges that come our way and take pride in the results.

Using domestic hardwoods as well as exotic species from around the world, we do all we can to promote and support responsible practices and sustainability of the planet’s forests. We work closely with only reputable vendors to source the best wood in the widest range of species available within our self imposed ethics. This company is only a tiny cog in the enormous machine of the international timber industry, but we can and do conduct our business as conscientiously as we know how.

We Work Closely With Local Dealers And Customers

EnGRAIN dealers are located all over the US. Usually kitchen and bath showrooms, cabinet shops or similar businesses, these folks sell lots of things besides wood countertops. They’re a great place to see the samples, talk about design options and get local installation if needed. However, as the salespeople aren’t dealing only with our product they may not be able to answer all your questions. Please feel free to call or email us directly in those situations. We’re always happy to answer all your questions and help work out details.

If there isn’t a dealer located in your area customers can buy direct from EnGRAIN.

What You Can’t Get Here

Most people have a vision of what they want before they get in touch with EnGRAIN. Usually, all they need are a few tips on making a good choice for their unique situation. However, we do get requests for wood countertops that we just won’t do. We feel strongly that selling products we know aren’t going to be successful is not only irresponsible but also bad karma.

We don’t put sinks in end grain countertops. We don’t offer species such as tiger wood which we know has inherent faults. We won’t buy or sell wood that we have reason to believe is the product of irresponsible timbering practices. If someone wants a wood species that isn’t physically or ethically appropriate this is not the company to engage.

Choices In Wood Countertops

Before you decide exactly what you want, you’ll need to know what your options are. Go to the OPTIONS link at the top of this page, then down through the design choices. Familiarize yourself with these and see the basic groups of options. Use the gallery feature to get some ideas and inspiration. Another great place to look for inspiration is Houzz.com. Enjoy the process.

What If Your Wood Countertop Has Damage Or Isn’t Made Correctly

We build wood crates and pallets for each countertop that ships out of our shop. Things do happen in transit on rare occasions. Your countertop is completely insured from our door to yours. Instructions on how to handle the arrival of your top will be included in the email notice you receive at the time we send the shipment out. Please read and follow the directions.

If the top arrives and isn’t as it should be, a sink cut out isn’t correct or the construction style isn’t what you signed off on during the ordering process, that is our fault and the correction will be made promptly and at our expense.

EnGRAIN Blog – Inspiration And Practical Advice

This is a fairly new feature. Much like the Blog of our parent company, J. Aaron Wood Countertops, it will be an ongoing resource with, helpful design tips, maintenance information and informative posts about how the tops are made.

Some posts are there for inspiration. Some are just fun. Lots of eye candy for kitchen lovers.

We always welcome comments and suggestions for the blog. Let us know what you think and what you’d like to see there.